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    Precision e-Business group (PEG) interfaces scalable Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services for small and medium-sized businesses.  Using our unique platform created from the ground up, we have enabled the real-time visibility of all your data traffic within your supply chain. We customize our application to meet your specific needs. Precision e-Business group (PEG) has been in operation since 1998. 

What We Do
Why Pick PEG
Company Values
What We Do

Our Mission 

Embracing stewardship principles of caring and taking positive actions for the long-term well-being of our employees, clients and supplier partners.  We are all part of the same team. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, high quality, and managed services using a team of very dedicated and experienced professionals. 

What We Do

  • Execute, monitor and manage all EDI / B2B / A2A / Data Transformation of critical data within your supply chain. 
  • Provide a deeper insight to your supply chain performance using our adaptable cloud based platform with data transaction performance and AI predictive analysis.
  • Provide real time visibility of all your data traffic within your supply chain using our unique platform. 
  • Process data with artificial intelligence to provide a deeper insight into the overall performance and areas of concern to be resolved.

Why We Do It

To server our customer partners by clarifying and highlighting critical decision points within your supply chain.

How We Do It 

We have a dedicated team of professionals that focuses on continually innovating solutions based on our client's needs. 

Why Pick PEG

        • We are your value-driven integration partner for reliable, accurate supply chain data as your business expand and accelerate. 
        • PEG has over 600 partners who rely on us as their trusted data integration provider with superior personalized services for small and medium-sized businesses. 
        • The depth and breadth of our experience will facilitate how you handle your total business to business integration requirements from: data mapping, translation, trading partner relationships, communications, process management, data archiving, and disaster recovery. 
        • Our partner support team members are highly qualified, trained and experienced which enable you to expedite order to cash processes to quicken your time to value. 
        • We convert data from any source to any destination using API’s powered by AI. 

Company Values

Commitment to a Relationship of collaboration and win win mindset

Embracing stewardship principles of caring and taking positive actions for the long term well being of all of our employees, customers and supplier partners

Servant Leader to All Partners 

Humbly listen to learn how to serve our employee, customer and supplier partners

To use and share our knowledge, experience and skills to create a positive purpose and interdependence

Focus on Value 

Collaborate with our clients and partners to innovate iteratively. To optimize, automate yet keep all functionality simple and practical.

Entrepreneurial Spirit of Innovation and Growth

A core DNA driven mind set of passion and courage for positive innovation and iterative growth

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