Self-service BI and Data Analytics software let you to visually analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations and discover insights in minutes.

PEG’s Advanced Analytics products are what businesses are looking for to decrease the complexities and risks of their decision-making while saving time and money.


Precision E-Business Group (PEG) provides data driven analytics to many market segments and specializes in EDI / B2B supply chain insights. Our team of certified specialists designed and created a unique platform from the ground up which enables real-time visibility of all your data traffic within your supply chain operations. 


Data Driven Predictive Analytics

    PEG’s advanced analytics can optimally utilize data resources provided to extract hidden insights for informed decision-making. By using powerful forecasting algorithms, we can analyze your past data thoroughly and come up with the best forecast for the future. With PEG’s analytics reports, you can predict campaign effectiveness, inform decision-making on collateral, geographic markets, demographics to target and much more. All reports are data driven and thereby significantly lowering the potential risks associated to human bias errors. 

Unified Business Analytics

    PEG’s advanced analytics can blend data from 250+ different sources (in forms of files, feeds, local database, popular business applications, etc) into a single Business Intelligent (BI) platform for cross-functional analysis. PEG’s unified business analytics provides you with effective data integration, enabling you to achieve a unified view of your entire business at one place.

Augmented Analytics

    PEG’s advanced analytics use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate your data preparation process which provides analytics reports 300%  faster than traditional analytics. AI does not only guarantee your data going through all necessary steps from collection to visualization precisely and seamlessly, but also provides intelligent suggestions for data modelling, data cleansing and data enrichment. With PEG’s augmented analytics, you are able to save at least 70% of your analysis time spent on data preparation. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  /  Machine Learning (ML)

    PEG’s advanced analytics system supports you with an intelligent analytics interface assistant with whom you can interact completely with your natural language. Vastly different from most other analytics platforms that require highly-skilled IT professionals. Our analytics platform is optimally simplified to be suitable for all audiences. Our intelligent AI interface can filter out unwanted data in seconds, and learn the users’ inputs to improve the accuracy and relevance of the answers.

Sharing Reports and Dashboards

    Unlike the restrictions for collaboration of most other analytics software packages, PEG’s analytics' granular access control system lets you share your reports with necessary security permissions, it allows you and your peers to work on the same data together and contribute their opinions so that the final data visualization are the richest and most objective.

Embedded Business Intelligence (BI)

    PEG’s advanced analytics enables you to embed personalized, interactive reports and dashboards within our custom built applications. Therefore, you will be provided with precise analytics and insights of data delivered in every stage of the decision-making process. With embedded BI solutions, you can minimize the dependency and time lag of using your internal IT team through extensive user built interfaces that empower your users to make the most informed data driven decisions for your business.

Custom Reporting and Shareable Dashboards 

    With PEG’s analytics platform, we are able to create 25+ chart types, pivot tables, summary views, tabular views and dashboards. Each with different functions to support your data analysis. We can also provide highly functional ranking reports, what-if analytics, executive dashboards, interactive reports, all of which are set as basic components of our final analytic products. Moreover,  dashboards can be customized to maximize your users experience. 

Value Centered Pricing

    Our Value Centered Pricing is focused on providing a greater user experience at an affordable price.  This enables companies of all sizes to gain the benefits of our Artificial Intelligence based Analytics platform at a lower price point. We are confident that we have a pricing plan suitable for your company. Moreover, we offer you a 20% discount when you purchase an annual membership.


Improve your business with Advanced Analytics.


  • Intelligent forecasting algorithms analyze historic data and present the best forecast options to enable better decisions for future impact

  • Perceptive suggestions for data modelling, data cleansing, and data enhancements to increase data assessment and value

  • Clarifies strategic insights to improve business performance and cost savings

  • Monitor order to cash cycles to trigger actionable tasks  

Supply Chain

  • Cross-functional data analysis from key sources such as purchasing, inventory, logistics, supplier performance,  customs processing and many more KPI's
  • Provide a unified view of your supply chain in one single intuitive dashboard 
  • Monitor key activities from warehouses, trading partners and customer demands for effective decisions and automated actionable tasks
  • Predictive analysis of future risks by spotting patterns and trends throughout the supply chain.


  • Understand the market size and  potential without jumping to false conclusions
  • Realize the market trending, direction and movements to implement informed sales plans 
  • Understand your customers buying needs, demands and the most cost effective sales channels
  • Gain greater awareness of who is Not your customer and why
  • Highlight the vacuum of unmet needs and lost revenue