• EDI Product Features

    Over the years PEG's portfolio of products and services has evolved into a wide range of E-Business solutions - from systems integration, to completely managed EDI outsourcing and customer specific AS/400 application customization. 

    By constantly innovating new methods to enhance and simplify the way EDI works, PEG has created a full suite of feature-rich product offerings designed to meet even the most selective customers.


  • Supports various communications methods: secure FTP, FTPs, VAN's, AS2, SSHFTP, ebXML, OFTP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc...
  • Unparalleled translation, validation, and mapping speed
  • Fully automated functional acknowledgment generation and reconciliation
  • Transaction Send or Receive Notification
  • Customer receipt of transaction pending report
  • Scheduled Order Notification
  • Trading partner receipt of transaction pending report
  • Custom trading partner reporting
  • User configurable transaction delay transmission to trading partner
  • Capable of serving single trading partner or unlimited trading partners
  • Configurable for Unlimited Trading Partners and Transaction Sets
  • Robust EDI transaction set management with filtering, look-ups, audit trails, history and more
  • Easy configuration of NEW trading partners - reducing additional set up fees

  • Customer Specific Rule-based file definition setup for management of all data files
  • Capable of tracking revision history for both EDI and application data
  • Configurable error checking at the system, trading partner, and transaction set levels
  • Supports all EDI X12, EDIFACT, VICS, and UCS transaction set standards
  • Supports custom application formats
  • Reports can be completely automated for emailing various formats
  • Extensive built in reporting included
  • Unattended and automated, scheduled execution with email notifications
  • Data Conversions cross-reference data enabling transformation of data to desired format
  • Includes EDI PEG Map Designer, allowing creation of integration maps
  • Automatic multi-store (SDQ) purchase order separation (retail industry)
  • Includes Product Activity Data (852) reporting tool (retail industry)

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